Development And Cost Consultancy

Knowing how much something will cost is the main certainty one will expect to have when engaging in a rather complex and challenging activity. It is extremely important that a developer knows what their conceptual idea will cost them financially in reality, when it is constructed. At Aston Banks we are equipped with the relevant knowledge and experience to assist our client’s in providing them with the necessary information they need to make the right decisions even when their project is still a conceptual idea.

With the growing constraints on land usage and development control it is extremely important that the right decisions are taken to optimise the use of a development site to produce the best return for investment.

Despite the size of your project, we can provide a wide range of independent development and cost consultancy services covering the full spectrum of any commercial and residential building projects and related activities including the provision of strategic advice and consultancy for:

  • Land use optimisation
  • Change of land use
  • Feasibility studies
  • Risk Analysis of development
  • Town planning
  • Advising on insurance and tax obligations
  • Acquisition and disposal of real properties and interests
  • Development and project costs
  • Methods of cost reduction

How much? It is the first and most important question to ask before investing the time and money required to develop a concept into a realized project, and answering it incorrectly at the concept phase will assuredly lead to cost overruns and time delays later down the road.

Even if your construction or engineering project idea is still just that, an idea without drawings or plans, we can provide you with the necessary conceptual project budgets to help get your project off the ground.

Our Residential staff will provide you with local market knowledge as well as professional experience of the housing market. We are here to help you.

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