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A qualified team of highly experienced Building Surveyors, truly experts in their areas of specialism, the Aston Banks Building Surveying team is a stone’s throw away from you. We are equipped with the optimum skills and knowledge base to advise you on the true condition of the property intended for purchase or that of your existing one. Our professionals can advise you on many different types of building surveys for all types of commercial and residential premises. The advice will provide you with reassurance and peace of mind.


Our RICS qualified building surveyors are trained with optimum technical skills to inspect the construction and methodical composition of buildings. A building survey is predominantly carried out preceding the purchase of a lease or property giving regard to condition, measurement, dilapidations and defects. The assessment will provide you with detailed information on the property and draw attention to any defects or issues that may affect the condition and structural integrity of the property.


The schedule of condition surveys includes a report on the condition of the building together with advice concerning potential future that might need attention. Commercial leases usually stipulate that the tenant is responsible during and at the end of a tenancy, so it is vital you fully understand your potential liabilities before signing your lease.


A schedule of condition survey is generally required before the signing of a lease. The survey will determine the condition of the building so that any existing defects and associated repair costs can be identified prior to any commitment being made. All defects apparent during the survey are noted and are usually photographed to give a fully documented record of a properties state of condition at a point in time.

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Our London Residential team are dedicated to help you buy, rent or let a London residential property. We provide effective landlord and tenancy services.

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From our North London offices, Our experienced Commercial team work across the retail, office and industrial/warehouse property sectors.


Our experienced, highly trained staff are dedicated to helping you through the entire Sales, Lettings or Commercial process.

Chartered Surveyors

A qualified team of highly experienced Building Surveyors, the Aston Banks Building Surveying team is a stone’s throw away from you.

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